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Transparent soap Laundry and cleaning
Transparent soap

     These soaps are mostly yellow and have a greater or lesser transparency. Recently, the market is rare to find a good, transparent soap, as the best varieties of these soaps are obtained by use of alcohol, which is currently expensive and technically inaccessible product. Transparent soaps fill the soda solution, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sugar.

Transparent glycerine soap

Fat baked 7 kg
Coconut oil 3 kg
Glycerol 2.4 kg
Castor oil 2.6 kg
Sodium hydroxide 5.5 kg
Ethyl alcohol 3.6 kg
Sugar 1.2 kg
Waters 1.2 l

     Heat the fat and glycerol to 60 , filtered through frequent sieve, then add hot sugar syrup, then added a solution of sodium hydroxide and alcohol. Continue cooking until, until the mixture thickens, and the sample will not flow down to the oars. Soap is poured into molds and cooled. Dyes used are soluble in water, and they are added together with alcohol.

Clear rosin soap

Sala baked 7.5 kg
Rosin light 2.5 kg
Coconut oil 10 kg
Sodium hydroxide solution at 38 Bome 10 kg
Alcohol 10 kg
Sugar 3.5 kg
Waters 5 l

To fats, heated to 90 , add the remaining components. Ready-made soap is cooled to 50 and poured into molds.

Clear glycerine soap without alcohol

Sal-class 6 kg
Castor oil 7.6 kg
Coconut oil 7.4 kg
Sodium hydroxide solution at 38 Bome 10.8 kg
Crystal soda 1.8 kg
Waters 1 l
Sugar 6 kg
Waters 6.4 l

     Thaw and mix lard, castor and coconut oil and add to the growing cold to 55 fats solution of sodium hydroxide. Transparent soap The mixture is stirred well to get well saponification mass. Soap is left to stand for 1-2 hours in a well-closed pot, and when it becomes transparent, add with stirring a solution of crystal soda. The boiler is closed after 15-20 minutes, add sugar syrup, after the temperature is increased to 70-80 - and the soap is ready. Paint and add the desired flavor.

Floating on the water soap

For such a soap is usually used various pruning soaps, mainly cooked with coconut oil. The mixture is heated to boiling 10 l of water and dissolve in it 30 kg of chopped scraps of soap shavings. When the soap completely break up, it is cooled to 50 and start beating much weight until it cools down. Massa parfyumiruyut and poured into molds.