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Whitening bones Processing of tissues
Whitening bones

     Designed for whitening bone must first be well degreased. If the bone is not degreased, then bleaching is uneven and the bones will remain yellow spots. Degreasing is made by boiling bones in a weak solution of soda (in 1 liter of water taking 7-12 g of sodium carbonate). Formed at boiling scum of fat removed. You can also make degreasing infusion of bone objects in gasoline. Whitening bone

The most common and reliable method is bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. Fortress of the usual sales of hydrogen peroxide - three percent, but occurs in the sale and tridtsatiprotsentnaya hydrogen peroxide, called peroxide. Whitening effect of hydrogen peroxide based on its ability, with expansion, release oxygen, which oxidizes the coloring matter in the colorless compound. Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide can be increased or the heating or the addition of alkali (eg, ammonia). Bone products are immersed in the three-percent hydrogen peroxide, so that they completely covered the liquid, then gradually raise the temperature to 35-40 and kept at that temperature for 24 hours. Can vessel with whitening products to put in melted Russian stove. As a dish best to use a wooden bucket.

If you need faster bleaching, then perform it boil for 2-4 hours, but this method is uneconomical, since there is some loss of oxygen. In addition, the boiling can easily occur erosion and destruction of bone. After bleaching the bone carefully washed and dried.

Instead of hydrogen peroxide, which is not always available in the market and relatively expensive, it is possible to use sodium peroxide, which dissolves in water, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide, resulting in this type of bleaching substance is as hydrogen peroxide. Caustic soda, which is formed by dissolving sodium peroxide, should be neutralized with acid. Sodium peroxide, which is a yellowish powder, from the action of water is heated strongly and could erupt. Keep it should be in cans with tight lid, and not take his hands, and wood or aluminum with a spoon.

For the preparation of three per cent hydrogen peroxide solution as follows.

Muddy trickle pour 60 cm 3 vitriol to 1 liter of water (oil of vitriol rushed to the water, not vice versa), and stirred a wooden stick, then cooled mortar and small amounts pour into it 70 grams of sodium peroxide; This will be warming up the solution. More or less strong heating of the solution should not be allowed, so you should strongly cool the vessel with cold water or ice, and every subsequent portion of sodium peroxide Pour only when the solution has cooled sufficiently. When all the peroxide will be added, it turns out with litmus paper - which has turned out a solution. If the red litmus paper turns blue (alkaline solution) - you should add a little acid and then add a few drops of ammonia. If you get acid solution (blue litmus paper turns red), the excess acid is neutralized with strong ammonia. Excess ammonia after neutralization should be taken in an amount of 5 cm 3 per liter of solution.