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Bleaching of Greek sponge Processing of tissues
Bleaching of Greek sponge

Bleaching Greek sponge      Drive 2 prescription.

  • Pre-placed well-cleaned sponges in diluted sodium hydroxide solution, leave it lie for a while and then well washed with water, then rinsed sponges diluted sulfuric acid, 1 wt. part acid to 6 wt. hours of water) to neutralize, ie, up until the bubbles stop selection. Treated thus sponge dipped in 10% solution of acid sernokalievoy salt. In this solution, sponges have yet to be bleached, and then they are removed and thoroughly washed with water until the water runs down will not be clean.

  • According to another method of sponges treated with 2% hydrochloric acid, well washed, then immersed for a few hours per cent solution of manganese-potassium salt. Next, sponge dipped in a two percent solution of hydrochloric acid, to which is added a small amount of acid sernistokalievoy salt. After 12 hours, a well-squeezed sponge and rinsed with water.