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Getting the artificial oil from any neutral fat Food
Getting the artificial oil from any neutral fat

     According to Austrian patented method can be from any neutral fat (coconut oil, margarine, bassievogo oil, etc.) or a mixture of these fats to obtain a simple and cheap means of artificial butter, similar to its natural flavor and color. Artificial butter

In the pot with double walls, space between them filled with water flux at a temperature of 40-60 neutral fat with the addition of whey. This temperature support up until not formed on the surface fat flake layer containing mainly proteins, consisting of serum, as well as part of casein, which was in the serum in a dissolved state. The formation of this layer is an indication of that. the process of cooking and soaking of neutral fat necessary substances is over and you can separate the fat from the whey, giving the latest leak from the vessel.

Giroux and allow to cool slowly in the usual way it is treated with methyl in the car in the future because, as is the case for ordinary natural oils.